Samblamaa Guesthouse

Rannaküla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Läänemaa 91101

In 2010 our neighbors opened Madise Guesthouse. Countless times we had a conversation with each other about why holidaymakers should come to Nõva and whether it really is enough to allow the visitor just to be quiet. We saw with our own eyes that Madise had no shortage of clients and that the holiday home also provided them with effective financial support. In 2012, we decided to follow the neighbors’ call to build our own guesthouse for year-round rentals. Although there was no certainty that our customers would continue, we started building Cottage with Lake View, our first guesthouse. 2012 at Christmas we welcomed our first visitor from Lithuania. Encouraged by the success we built. 2013 also the Cottage with Terrace, which was originally intended for our family. We now realize that a holiday in the nature of Nõva is truly a value that is increasingly needed by an ever-urbanizing humanity. Visitors to the Samblamaa come from all over the world.

189TRRS / 189JRVM


Laansoo Architects 2006-2013

arch. Enn Laansoo


Cottage with Terrace

Cottage with Lake View