Estonian Theatre Union

Uus tn 5, Tallinn Old Town

I stuck a drawing roll of a meter long and a few inches in diameter in a plastic bag. Uus Street 5, renovation project for the Theater Union had been completed, I was tired but satisfied. It was the first major independent project in my life. Of course I was supervised and had bosses, but still my own. The ink drawings were on paper. Paper in some places from gillette corrections to miraculously cut-scraped. I started walking from my cellar studio on the corner of Karl Marx (Sõle) and Paldiski Road to the headquarters of my employer, state owned Architectural Office in Tallinn Old Town district. Although I had a desk at Kooli Street, I obviously worked overtime in my home, later in the studio. It was 1983. The first year of my career as a newly graduated architect at ERKI. I was a young, ambitious architect who wanted to succeed. My self-esteem was overshadowed by important signs:   membership of the Kuku club and Architects’ Union, and my own studio.

Along the way to the Old Town, my hands regularly checked the drawing roll to dispel the fear and horror of the idea that the drawing roll might be lost or destroyed. Six months of work disappears forever, no copies …




State Institute for Designing Cultural Monuments 1983

arch. Enn Laansoo