Million Dollar View Villa

Sandown Rd Deal CT14 6QS, UK (hypothetical location)

There are countless “million dollar” properties in the world. The design of this villa with its spacious panoramic interiors and balconies brings the beautiful world even into the room and from there to the hearts of the residents. The double-story wool on the sea beach and the high plinth is a mixed structure of stone, log, metal, and glass. The local stone gives the villa a visual weight and connects with the surrounding building traditions. The log structure creates a sense of coziness and fills the air with nostalgic scents. Metal and glass material makes for effective constructional solutions and envelop the wool with a modernly designed coat.

A villa that many will probably dream of!

Please take a look_Million Dollar View Villa


Villa - idea project

Laansoo Architects 2013

arch. Enn Laansoo

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