Little Holland Cottage

Väike-Hollandi, Nõva 91101, Lääne-Nigula parish, Läänemaa

A Dutchwoman has decided to build a summer cottage in north-west Estonia, which in her dreams will develop into a Little Holland and should alleviate home yearning. I am a world traveler by my temper and I fully understand the idea of a “little homeland”. Then, as an architect, I began to look for a solution to the challenge ahead.

It turned out, however, that I could not get rid of my Estonian roots. The house is reminiscent of a typical Estonia. However, I secretly hope that if a Dutchwoman designs shutters, door panels, window borders, hangs a lot of flower pots and sows full of tulips in the field, she will have a nostalgic experience as well. This is how nations’ cultures mix. And what we’re talking about at all is that we’re both just people in the same globalized world. We are from an old, beloved Europe.


New Cottage

Laansoo Architects 2017

arch. Enn Laansoo, Martin Ant