Pärnu Hotel ***** 250 places - Architectural competition 1st place "Ajamasin"

Pärnu Old Town, Pärnumaa

The Executive Committee of the City of Pärnu People’s Deputies Council (Pärnu City Government) together with the Estonian Association of Architects and the Republic of Estonia Tourism and Excursion Council announced a design competition for a 250-places tourist hotel. The aim of the competition was to get a world-class design with an interesting architectural design and modern functional solution. The hotel is located in an empty area of Riga mnt. . 11 projects were received by the deadline.

The jury made the decision to award the following work: 1st prize for 3000rbl project with tag “Ajamasin” – author Enn Laansoo, 2nd prize for 2000rbl project “Suur sinilill” – author Kristjan Krevald, 3rd prize for 1500rbl project “HH” by Mart Port, 1 purchase 750rbl project with tag “JU” by Juhan Kutti and 2 purchase 750rbl project with tag “Libabastion” by Indrek Niitla.

The jury considered the Pärnu tourist hotel architecture contest successful. The award-winning work is of a strong professional standard and is a worthy basis for starting hotel design work. Concrete works could be seen at the Endla Theater.


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