Hotel*** in Haapsalu 120places architectural competition I ja III place

Lossiplats Väike-Mere, Haapsalu Old Town

It was planned to build a hotel near the Central Square of Haapsalu Old Town. Enn Laansoo Architects and his partner FFNS Arhitekten from Sweden were invited to take part in the competition. The international team competitions were completed in a cozy team spirit at the Haapsalu Yacht Club premises for about a week. Our work was evaluated as follows:

1991 Haapsalu Hotel ***** 120 places, Haapsalu Old Town, invited architectural competition, in cooperation with Swedish Architecture Bureau FFNS, by Aare Saks and O.Nilsson (Sweden), E.Laansoo, Avo Seppel. I place Variant II by E. Laansoo, Avo Seppel and Aare Saks, O.Nilsson (Sweden) place III

Unfortunately, the hotel was not built and the Lossiplats/Väike-Mere plot is still empty in 2019. Every time I walk around the place, I remember a great time in Haapsalu, which was creative and working.


Hotel - Architectural competition

FFNS Arkitekten (Sweden) and Enn Laansoo Architects

Aare Saks, O.Nilsson and Enn Laansoo, Avo Seppel

I place

III place