Apartment Buildings in Viljandi

C.R.Jakobsoni 26, Viljandi, 71005 Viljandi maakond

In 2006, NN Arendus bought the C.R. Jakobson 26 property with an apartment building in need of renovation. A residential renovation project was completed in 2006 and construction work began in 2007. in the beginning. The first apartment was sold in 2008. The renovation of the building was recognized by the Viljandi City Government as “Best – Colors in the City 2008”.

In 2007,  the plot divided into two and obtained building rights for the construction of a new 4-apartment building. 2019 completed a 4-apartment residential construction project. The property is developed by Heatcon OÜ.

227VLJN, 419JKBS

Apartment House

Laansoo Architects 2006, 2019

arch Enn Laansoo



227VLJN_Residential House with 10 Apartments

419JKBS_Residential House with 4 Apartments