President's summer residence

Paslepa, Lääne-Nigula parish, Läänemaa

Paslepa is located on the Noarootsi Peninsula in Lääne County. During the Soviet era, Paslepa was the favorite fishing spot of Karl Vaino, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the ESSR, because of the very good places for perch and pike. At first Paslepa had a caravan, later a party base for the then party leaders was built there. In the neighborhood of the base was the Soviet Border Guard cordon.

When Lennart Meri became President of the Republic, Paslepa was built as the Office of the President of the Republic. The office or summer residence, whichever name is used more, formed a complex of buildings. The President’s main office and office space, as well as rooms for welcoming dozens of guests. On the first floor of the house, the Head of State’s workshop was built and resembles a master bridge with its open views of the bay and the open sea. The complex also included a couple of auxiliary buildings for guest accommodation and a workshop-garage storage. The Paslepa office had rooms for the president’s secretary and advisers. The plot also had its own private boat marina, where the Thule seaboat stood. A little further away is a small guest house.

The President was able to use the year-round house built as a summer home. There was little change in the working rhythm of the Office of the President. Modern communications in the summer home provided the head of state with constant contact with his office, Estonia, with the world. Design and construction supervision work was commissioned from Laansoo Group.

President Arnold Rüütel no longer used the Paslepa office. At the beginning of President Toomas Hendrik Ilves’s term of office, the office of the President resigned. The owner of the property was Armin Karu, who purchased it in November 2008 from Riigi Kinnisvara AS.


Office of the President

Enn Laansoo Architects AS 1996

arch. E.Laansoo. A.Sisask, P.Kais K.Reili, construction supervision: T.Sikk, T.Maripuu